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About TWT





TWT Trans World Technologies is Expert in Foreign Markets



Always when You do not have or do not wish to apply own Resources


regarding a Subject Matter of Your Interest e.g. a Market or Issues rather Foreign


to Your Organisation, then TWT might be the Right and Intelligent Option





For our Clients



TWT is a 1 - stop, full services - boutique Business Support and Solution Provider





Global, Universal and Independent




TWT is an internationally experienced global Network of business experts with TWT Companies,


TWT Affiliates and TWT Teaming Partners, all coordinated through TWT International




We strongly have our Roots in global High Tech Industries & Politics



Aerospace is our Heritage and continues to be a major TWT Technology Focus


Let's do Business





TWT Portfolios



The TWT Work and Services Portfolio is about



Large Variety of Advisory Know-How and  Expertise

Always when you do not trust your own network resources then TWT Consulting provides you with added value outside views and services.


Based on the original entrepreneur spirit and not only like the nowadays common lawyer and auditor induced business consulting. If we need lawyers or auditors we hire them

Getting the Message Through

Why to invest into new capabilities and contacts if TWT StratCom has already the answers and is positioned to represent your interest most effectively?


We manage your interest.


Both at the Working as well at the VIP and VVIP levels

General Contracting for Design, Development, Engineering, Installation, Systems Integration & Sustainment

Organized, purposeful structures that consist of interrelated and interdependent elements.


Individual,  independent contracting solutions and not only off-the shelve OEM product marketing

Matching Commoditiy Demand with Supply

Serving SELLERs and BUYERs.


Direct, not involving Exchanges.


Commodities markets, both historically and in modern times, have had tremendous economic impact on nations and people.




The TWT Business Portfolio focus is on





TWT Energy, Environment & Life Sciences (Nutrition, Healthcare etc.) experienced e.g.

- regarding Energy in coal, oil, natural gas, liquified gas, biogas, solar, wind technologies and technical services i.e. power plant engineering, procurement and contracting (EPC) solutions etc.;

- regarding Environment in water, waste and waste disposal technologies and technical services i.e. regulatory matters, installations, etc.;

- regarding Life Sciences in nutrition, agriculture (farming & live stock) and healthcare technologies and technical services




TWT Infrastructure & Construction experienced e.g. in Infrasatructure and Construction technologies and technical services i.e. engineering, procurement and contracting (EPC) solutions for airports, harbours, train stations, power plants, housing complexes, highways, hotel and golf resorts, etc.


TWT Mobilty, Aviation & Space experienced e.g.

- regarding Mobility in dry cargo ships, cruise ships, oil tankers, LNG tankers, vintage collector cars, battery electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles, rolling stock, magnetic elevated trains, technologies and  technical services etc.;

- regarding Aviation in transport and cargo airplanes, passenger airplanes, jet airliners, business executive jet, helicopter rotary wing aircraft, vinatge collector aircraft, airship, UAV (drone) technologies and technical services etc.;

- regarding Space in satellite and launch system technology and technical services etc.;




TWT National Security Business Unit , experienced e.g. in VVIP SECURITY and NATO land, naval and air defense technologies and technical services i.e. threat analysis, personal protection, perimeter security, object security, border and underwater security, special forces, training, equipment, lifecycle sustainment support etc.



TWT Research, Development & Manufacturing Department experienced e.g.

- regarding Research scouting for new ideas;

- regarding Development matchmaking between new research results, venture capital and strategic investors;

- regarding Manufacturing matchmaking between markets and OEMs and vice versa including M&A.





TWT is technology oriented with technical as well as intercultural competencies and strong


affinity to international cross border business



TWT Solutions




The TWT Work and Service assignments from TWT Clients typically concern



  • Research & Information


  • Audit & Analysis


  • Strategy & Planning


  • Contacts & Introductions


  • Marketing & Event


  • Representation & Strategic Communication


  • B2B, B2A/B2G


  • Project Development


  • Contracting (e.g. EPC)


  • Project Management


  • Project Controlling


  • Logistics


  • Warranty & After Sales


  • Technical Services & Product Support


  • Lifecycle Sustainment Support


  • Financing Solutions


  • Investor Solutions / Investment / Capital



We work quietly and efficiently for TWT Clients


About TWT International


TWT International coordinates Trans World Technologies (TWT) network business




TWT International originally established and headquartered in Singapore is the global advisory


board of the worldwide TWT Network


TWT International functions similar to a staff organization supporting TWT Network operations


providing essential support facilities to TWT Network Subscribers


Members of the TWT International Advisory Board include experts with previous careers from


different sectors e.g. Industry, Government, State Administration, Legislation, the Judiciary,


Finance, NGO’s, Universities and Politics




  • TWT International represents worldwide the TWT Network


  • TWT International is globally the client one stop only TWT point of contact


  • TWT International ensures TWT Customer Relations Management (CRM)


  •  TWT International advises and coordinates


  • TWT International administers the TWT Trademark and Logo


  • TWT International develops strategies


  • TWT International pools data and know-how


  • TWT International networks


  • TWT International develops and administers the TWT Toolbox


  • TWT International coordinates TWT Legal Affairs


  • TWT International issues publications e.g. the TWT Gazette


  • TWT International operates the TWT International Service Center (TISC) 24/7


  • TWT International controls TWT Network Corporate Identity (CI) affairs




After working many years out of Zurich, Switzerland, TWT International currently is centrally


organized adjoint TWT GmbH Trans World Technologies in Germany within the European Union




The TWT Network is a loose worldwide organization of international Subscribers to the Trans


World Technologies Philosophy, Business Model and Quality Management


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TWT World


Core TWT Markets geographically are:



Abu Dhabi - Angola - Austria -Bahrain - Brazil - Bulgaria & Balkans - Canada - China - Dubai - England - France - Germany - India - Indonesia - Iceland - Israel - Kuwait - Libya - Malaysia - Macedonia - Netherlands - Qatar - Romania - Russia RF & CIS - Saudi Arabia - Switzerland - Singapore - Slovakia - South-Africa - South Korea - Taiwan - Thailand - Ukraine & CIS - USA



TWT is not active in all countries around the world but we work in a lot of different markets and


regions with experience in many interesting countries



TWT Network subscribers with their individual expertise and experience are core assets for the


international, intercultural and local competencies of the TWT - Trans World Technologies





TWT Network subscribers often but not always use the trade mark registered TWT name and






When checking the Internet you will see there are also some TWT companies which are not


subscribers to the TWT Network and still might represent attractive business for you


The TWT Network as an open platform in principle is always open to welcome additional


experts, expertise and Champions of a specific business area as subscribers to the organization


subject to TWT Network subscription and teaming agreement


TWT International Art Sponsoring


TWT References


The TWT concept follows an entrepreneurial spirit born in Munich, Germany




Special affinity exists towards the life time achievements, spirit and enterprises of Dr. Ludwig


Bölkow of Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB) as core nucleus of Deutsche Aerospace (DASA)


and catalyst of today's wider European high-synergy aerospace and defense industries


Entities either easily provide references or they hide by ominously saying something like


“for reasons of confidentiality we are not allowed to provide general reference"




At TWT International and with the TWT Network we are somewhere in between a rock and a


hard place: We consider ourselves manufacturer and product independent so it would not be


good to advertise one company or project in particular as most of them are somewhere better


and sometimes worse than others while indeed projects are normally confidential.




It means we simply have to enter into a constructive dialogue of what is required to build trust


in TWT Network Capabilities



Let's do Business




How can TWT be at your service?


If you wish to receive further information, clarification or cooperation please


contact TWT International one stop, centrally at



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